Biology as a DATA SCIENCE

Enhance your understanding of Biology by Analyzing Data

Big data and data science are becoming increasingly more important to perform compelling biological research. Even at regional science fairs, successful biology science fair projects often demonstrate some level of bioinformatics analysis to accompany their research. To create the most competitive science fair projects, high school students must not only learn about bioinformatics, but also understand how to apply to it to generate biologically meaningful insights.

That is why Pine Biotech teamed up with Science Coach to design an online bioinformatics training program for motivated students. This online program is built to break down the logic of bioinformatics analysis and provide a user-friendly toolkit of bio-statistical and machine learning techniques to a variety of biomedical challenges. Participating students will get access to practical big data analysis tools and online project-based training. The Science Coach team will provide the necessary mentor support and on-demand materials so that students feel confident tackling projects in oncology, neuroscience, virology and agriculture.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve success for your research project, register here: