Omics2020 Data Science

Omics2020 Data Science course was designed for iResearch Institute participants with Pine Biotech and Science Coach. This online summer course is designed for high school students interested in data-driven research questions. The program will include aspects of data science, such as data wrangling, visualization, statistical analysis and machine learning. The methods will be reviewed in the context of biomedical and other scientific problems students will study.

Genomics in the Virtual Lab

Genomics in the Virtual Lab is a special opportunity to learn about genomics and big data analysis from a world-renowned scientist and a team of bioinformaticians working on cutting-edge big data challenges in biomedical research. Dr. Sona Vasudevan, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) will present disease-associated projects that program participants can learn from to see how genomics is used at the intersection of data science and biomedicine.  In this online program, participants will learn about analysis of high throughput genomics data and apply complex and computationally intensive data processing steps to large-scale public-domain data. After completing the 2-week program, students will gain a deeper understanding of the computational tools that allow scientists to study genomic data to understand genetic diseases and the way our DNA is a key to a more personalized and precise medicine. The program includes 2-hour online lectures and hands-on exercises to provide a mix of theoretical and practical learning opportunities.

Science Coach Basic Program

The Science Coach program is just starting to find out how our world can be changed by creating generations of critical thinkers. The program leverages the expertise of a head coach who has participated in the International Science Fair to share their knowledge and experiences with five teacher coaches, and supports them as they coach 6-12th grade students to create high-level science research projects.

$10.00 per Month


Online Internship programs are designed to help young researchers and students take advantage of the bioinformatics resources for analysis of complex high-throughout life science data and become versed in bioinformatics. This internship will offer you a glimpse of bioinformatics research and an opportunity to be a lifetime member of a growing bioinformatics community. The internship program will offer a combination of online resources and mentor guidance to prepare you and help you complete a bioinformatics project.

Number of courses 016101921
Metagenomics 2
PCA: biomedical data visualization in R
Spodoptera frugiperda (fall armyworm)
Crop drought stress and resistance
Epigenetics 1
Introduction to Metagenomics
Analysis of the Changing Immune Response in Cancer
Patient Derived Xenograft Models
Modeling Precision Medicine
Transcriptomics 4
Transcriptomics 3
Transcriptomics 2
Transcriptomics 1
Genomics 1
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Module 9: Tools for Analysis
Epigenetics 4
Epigenetics 3
Epigenetics 2
Genomics 2

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